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I have been breeding champion line dogs for almost 20 years. I decided against my better judgement to try out purebred breeders. They talk better BS then anyone I have ever dealt with in my life. They told me about how well they screened their customers. They said they made sure the pupies were going to good homes and that they were very selective on who they sell to. I was very concerned about the need to be anonymous because I am very involved... Read more

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We live in Fl. and after our second Cocker Spaniel, who was 16 died, we were heartbroken, of course. I checked the local paper for weeks, and could not find any local breeders. We had bought only from local breeders in the past, because I know you need to actually see the parents for temperament, physical conditions, etc. So I decided to try purchasing a puppy from Purebred Breeders, what a mistake! After spending way too much, our male puppy... Read more

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the puppy had flees an infastaion .she has a bad over *** .she was locked up with the airport for 11 hours. the breeder never was found no call back no email . P B breeders had charged 400. more than the cost of the dog . So i wood not do that again . i love my puppy but it cost me vet bills . So go and look at your next puppy and see how they take care of there dogs. Read more

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I bought a dog from purebred breeders and it was infected with parvo they refused to help or refund my money the Illinois attorney generals office filed suit and fined them 200,000 and made them change some of there deceptive practices nice for a company that made 4 million last year and all they have to do is refund the purchase price of the animal you get screwed on medical bills don't buy from these monstyers they sell puppy mill dogs go to a... Read more

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I have just purchased a puppy from this breeder and my puppy is wonderful! The breeder went out of her way to put her on an earlier flight so it would be easier for us to pick her up and she was very kind and caring! All people do business the way they desire it's her choice her dogs and she is not a scam! Referring to her as unknown is *** look at her Facebook and all the people she had made happy with puppies why must people try to tear down... Read more

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Very bad website we got a baby huskie from the airport and it was good tell it didint stop growing Add comment

They charged me the price of a Toy poodle, which is what I ordered, and they sent me a very large miniature, and REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING . Add comment

They sell puppy mill puppies and they will keep your money and break your not buy a puppy from this place. Add comment

Do not do business with this company! After losing our elderly lab, we found a cute black English Lab on Purebred Breeders web site. I was skeptical, but my husband handled the transaction. When he called a number to talk to breeder, he actually got a salesperson from the company and not the breeder. Our puppy arrived in July 2014 at approximately 8 weeks old, and we all immediately became attached. Within a couple of weeks, he developed... Read more

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Everyone should ask these questions, when buying a puppy online. What kind of lifestyle does this breed require? What personality traits should I be informed about? What grooming requirements are there with this breed? What type of exercise does this breed require? Are there any common health problems associated with this breed? Can I meet the puppy's mother and father? If one of the parents is not available, does the Breeder have pictures... Read more

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