I called about a pug that was almost $2,000 and wanted to figure out why it was that expensive but was open to buying one. The guy on the phone agreed it was expensive and couldn't tell me why, other than a false guarantee the pug is healthy.

While we were on the phone he sent the pics of the pug's parents, and not to be rude, but the dad looked like a hot mess! Sick and not like a full bred pug. I told the guy and he just ignored my concerns. The next day the pug was taken off the site...This company is beyond shady.

Then I noticed a black and white pug going for 2500, that they were claiming was AKC registered.

Anyone who knows pugs, knows that a black pug with a white chest can be AKC registered but a black pug with white paws and white chest it not AKC. (this pug had white paws and white chest) I explained this to a different person and asked why they were saying it was AKC when I've worked with Pug rescues for years and know that's not possible. The lady couldnt give me an answer just changing the subject the whole time. I asked her if I could speak to the owner of the pug directly, cause I wanted the pug, but 2500 is ridiculous and the lady hung up on me.

Long story short, this place is out for your money and completely SHADY!!!!

I feel sorry for whoever paid that much and got scammed. I ended up buying a pug, who after 2 years is completely healthy, adorable, akc registered, and champion blood lines (he came with a family tree as well) for $450.

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