I had been looking for a shihpoo puppy for a while and came across one on the Purebred Breeders LLC website. I fell inlove with a puppy on there, called, and made an impulse buy.

And although very expensive, everything seemed legit. Then my friends began expressing their skepticism about the site. I felt a huge knot in my stomach -- I had already signed the contract with Purebred Breeders, and couldn't turn around without for fitting $495. I tried to stay positive about the integrity of the website over the next couple of days and hoped that the breeder wasn't crazy and was actually taking care of my baby.

Purebred Breeders blew up my phone in the days between my purchase and when the puppy was to be flown to me. They wanted to make sure I was aware of all my puppies needs, vet stuff, and flight arrival time. This made me feel a little more secure. The day my puppy was to arrive my breeder called me -- and not in conference call which is against Purbred's terms -- to tell me puppy was okay and that she's sorry for all of Purebred Breeder's sketchiness.

My puppy arrived at the airport in a nice kennel with food and nice blanket inside. I was so surprised! He wasn't coughing and seemed to be perfectly healthy. Two days later I went to the vet, who agreed I got a great puppy and was so lucky!

All in all, the breeder was only getting $900 for a dog i paid $1,800 for.

I made an impulse buy and luckily it turned out in my favor but you never know. Best thing would be to just buy from a breeder.

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Another win for the puppy mills:(


You do know you bought a half breed dog??? this puppy mill is churning out non breed dogs and people are paying $1800???

These are cute but not breeds...

A pure breed dog who has a litter of non purity is disqualified from shows and breeding... Why are people falling for this scam of 'new breeds' they aren't purebed dogs...


Adopt from your local shelters people! So many dogs and cats are abused.

Abandoned and put to sleep . and trust me they'll love u forever and never forget what u did for them!!

Herndon, Virginia, United States #919727

she pd $1800 for a purebreed MUTT?! Shocking!


WHY breed or buy from a breeder when perfectly healthy pets in shelters are DYING because no one wants them? There is NOTHING wrong with adopting a pet from a shelter!!! In fact 25% of the pets in shelters ARE pruebreds!!!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #829226

Consider yourself very lucky. Glad you had a happy outcome.

I adopted a boxer and we are not having a happy ending the breeder is not communicative with the problems we had and the company (purebred breeders) have also not returned my calls.


I'd still rather adopt from a local no-kill shelter, it's a lot less sketchy and it costs a lot less (depending on the shelter, $75-$400 to adopt a puppy vs. $1,800 on that site.

It's a no brainer).

Plus it goes to a good cause. Who knows, like some say in the other reviews, the puppies could come from a puppy mill...

to Jay Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #931471

Wouldn't it be best to rescue a dog from a shelter that kills the animals? Now THAT'S rescuing a pet!


I haven't found that purebredbreeders are anything but OUTSTANDING! love them :grin

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