My brother-in-law bought us a Frenchton puppy as our Christmas Present from Purebred Breeders (866-592-5322) in December 2010. The dog was absolutely adorable! We named him Bentley because he cost so much. Supposedly Bentley was given a clean bill of health from West Plains Veterinary Clinic (417-256-4515), and signed off by "Cynthia Macy".... Well they lied! Our Frenchton was born with a genetic defect that their triple testing should have picked up on. Our puppy was given to us with an immune deficiency which resulted in him getting Lymphoma and Leukemia at the age of 2 1/2 years old. He had such an aggressive case that he lasted a week from the day of diagnoses. We spent so much money trying to save his life, as he was a family member, not just a pet. We took Bentley to our vet every year for his annual check up and was shocked to find out he was so sick. Even my vet was surprised by his diagnoses because of his age. We are truly heartbroken by our loss, and felt it was important to call the breeder up to tell them what happened to Bentley, since it's very rare for a dog this young to have such an aggressive cancer and it was due to genetics (medical tests proven). We didn't want any other family to go through what we went through. After calling their "866" number, and speaking to "customer service", I realized our beloved puppy was purchased from a money hungry company, with no morals! And a breeder who takes no pride or value in an animal's life. I spoke with "Tanya" in customer service who informed me that the lifetime guarantee was now voided because my brother-in-law purchased the dog for us and signed the papers instead of us. When I explained to her that the guarantee should go where ever the puppy goes, not with the purchaser, she stated "this is company policy". I explained to her that I didn't want another puppy from them, but instead for them to contact the people who purchased the other puppies from this litter so they could test their dogs and be aware of the signs for these two cancers. These cancers are very aggressive and need to be caught in time, but if you're not aware of the dogs genetic defects, then you would just mistake the behavior as the dog having a bad day.

I was told by Tanya that they will not inform the other clients and that there's nothing that can be done for us since the guarantee was no longer active.

This company has nothing but bad reviews online! Not one good review comes up for them, and every review is about a sick puppy and/or price gauging. This company has over 170 domains on the Internet so please beware of who you decide to purchase a pet from. Do your research. Google their phone number.

I will be contacting the attorney general in Florida and joining the class action lawsuit against them. They need to be shut down and I will not rest until they're out of business!

Product or Service Mentioned: Purebred Breeders Dog.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

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The first red flag should have been the fact that he's a mutt that y'all got from someone claiming to be a purebred breeder.


You should have named him Bengatti for what he ended up costing; now don't you look foolish?

**eye roll**

Dogs are not accessories and are not status symbols.

The sooner people realize this, the sooner dogs who are already out there and need help can find homes-- shelter dogs, dogs headed for sure death. These unethical breeders will go out of business as soon as there are no dummies buying their little Bentleys to show off.

I feel sorry for the puppies who suffer because of dummies who buy from breeders; I do not feel sorry for the show-offs who buy from breeders.


I highly recommend that you fill out a complaint form with the hu mane societ y. animal protection group.

They are looking into this company. This site won't let me post the link but if you google puppy buyer complaint form it should come up.

East Williston, New York, United States #662997

Weird thing is that I got a healthy pup from a breeder named Cynthia Macy and her phone number is almost similar to that so called vet shop that Gave the okay on the health. Hope you get your money back

Fallbrook, California, United States #657896

I had almost the same experience! I lost my border collie/lab mix (that I bought at a pet store that was supposedly reputable in 2010).

She started limping off and on last year and was in and out of vets until January when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. No sign of cancer until she started to deteriorate and become anemic. She needed blood transfusions and a bone marrow biopsy 2 weeks ago showed aggressive myeloid leukemia.

She died last night. She was the best dog ever, but I am pretty sure, now, that she came from a puppy mill!

to katie #660075

I'm so sorry for your loss. It's so truly sad how these people can get away with this disgusting behavior.

Make sure you contact the attorney general office from the state you purchased the dog. They should be held accountable.

to katie #660079

You obviously have a connection with the disgusting owner of this company. Obviously you did not meet our puppy, or witness his life or the horrible way he passed, so there's no way you can mark our complaint has BS, unless you're just as disgusting as the owner of Purebred Breeders.

Thankfully my conversations with them were all recorded, and I have medical records to prove their liability and wrong doing.

They're already being investigated, so I strongly warn everyone to stay clear of this money hungry company. Your heart and pockets will thank you.

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