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i went to purebred breeders web site picked out a husky $1100 dollars they guaranteed the dogs health and said they knew the breeder for years very trustworthy ,,1 week after I got the dog is was throwing up went to vet diagnosed with parvo fatal in puppys comes from fithy living conditions paid 6,000 to save the puppy and purebred laughed when I asked for reimbursement and told me to sue them knowing that the lemon law only requires purchase refund ,, sued breeder and found it was a puppy mill ,, HUGE SCAM HUGE LIARERS PUREBRED BREEDERS IS A MITI MILLION DOLLAR SCAM seen then on national tv recently selling dogs from puppy mills allover the us don't fall for this people shelters are the way to go those poor dogs are in a race with time for life help them instead of the greedy jerks at purebred breeders ,,, andy

Review about: Purebred Breeders Dog.

Reason of review: selling sick dogs.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1262385

Hate to break it to ya honey but your dog probably got parvo from your backyard. Can't blame the breeder because they legally have to get the puppy it's first round of shots before selling.

Did you get him his remaining follow up vaccines?

Doesn't sound like it. Sounds like you're just another irresponsible owner trying to blame your *** up on someone else.

to Anonymous #1285249

Blaming the victim, so classy. Let me guess, it's your puppy mill in question? Breeding animals the way puppy mills and even regular breeders (for any animal) shouldn't be allowed to operate, you ARE the problem.

Eaton Rapids, Michigan, United States #1204826

I don't understand how getting a free puppy on Craigslist would translate into $800? Tell us the rest of this story!

to Anonymous #1224605

Where do you see Craigslist? Did you even READ the post?

From what was ACTUALLY said: 'i went to purebred breeders web site picked out a husky $1100 dollars'. Next time read instead of assuming

to AnonMouse Albertville, Alabama, United States #1225286

Obviously, The *** wasnt reading with his eyes OPEN. It Clearly states Purebred Breeders.

I dont know where Craigslist came from. unless he is from Purebred.

to Anonymous #1225328

No kidding! You know what they say about assuming things right?

to AnonMouse Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1271266

This person is talking about a different complaint/story. The story is the one below this stories comments. Looks like an honest mistake.

to Anonymous #1271268

Not everyone sees the same reports

to Anonymous #1285251

Comprehension isn't your strong point now is it? I'm embarrassed for you and your lack of reading skills.

Eaton Rapids, Michigan, United States #1204823

This is a heartbreaking story. But, anyone who buys a puppy online and agrees to have the animal shipped is asking for trouble.

The Humane Society has lots of very nice animals and works hard to take care of them. All of OUR dogs we've ever had were rescues of one sort or another.


Sorry to hear that Andy. It seems that you are to trust no one.

I went to a classified in a newspaper for a free Yorkie puppies to replace my beloved Yorkie that had passed a few months ago after 15 yrs

Well to make a long story short, they scammed me out of $800.00 which now again will take me forever to save as I'm on Social Security Disability and they don't pay us much.

I called the police but they said there was nothing they could do.

I continually beat myself over it.

After doing more research I found she had several adds in the newspaper all under different names.

I reported her to the paper but have not heard anything!!!

So I guess nowadays DONT trust anyone. Dolly


That's what happens when you support puppy mills, duh.


No *** shelters are the way to go... so why did you buy this dog?? Also calling BS on this, even a bad case of Parvo is no $6,000!


Even if the pup got parvo, it could have been exposes anywhere on the journey. The question that really needed to be asked by the new owner was did this puppy get all his shots.

If not, that should have been the first thing the new owner did. Sounds more like a fabricated story to cover up the fact that you didn't do your job as an owner and get your puppy their shots when you should have.

to Anonymous #1156275

That's completely untrue. This is so common, I can't tell you how many hundreds (no exaggeration) of stories I have listened to and read of people buying puppies from online breeders, websites, or newspaper ads and they either don't get the puppy at all because they Western Union the money and the person disappears, or they get the puppy and it either has parvo, a parasite, multiple parasites, or congenital deformities.

The breeder or seller or whatever you want to call them at this point doesn't ever respond to the buyer again once they have the puppy. I do rescue work and without really trying to I now specialize in online and advertising puppy scams as well as helping people who pay for and receive a pet that is deathly ill and either dies in the first month (40%+) or spend so much time in an animal hospital it ends up costing thousands of dollars.

That's how big a problem this is. So don't accuse this person of lying, I bet without being aware of it you know someone that has been a victim of this, that's how widespread a problem this is.

to Anonymous San Jose, California, United States #1243124

I need to call bs.

I do not think you "work in rescue". Any rescuer would never have made the comment you did, basically all for the buyer.

A real rescuer would have just never commented the way you did. I think your a keyboard hero. Big difference in actually getting your hands dirty, and typing away calling yourself something your not. A real rescuer would have been upset for the dog.

And the fact that the breeder and parent are both to blame. Stop calling yourself a rescuer because I guarantee your anything but.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1038234

wow. $6000 to save a pet with parvo?

My baby boy was in the hospital for a week with parvo at 3 1/2 months old, survived (my big strong boy), and only cost me $200. He is now 6 1/2 months old and doing wonderful!!!

to Bellatrix #1156285

$200 for a week in the vet's office? Wow, I want the name of your vet as I'm in state college, pa and would certainly drive the 2 and 1/2 hours to Pittsburgh for that kind of pricing!

I had my pug in the animal hospital here for 2 nights for IV fluids and antibiotics and that cost me $3,200! $6,000 for a week in the animal hospital and parvo treatment is totally within the normal cost range for a puppy. I work with rescues specializing in helping people that have been the victims of online and general advertising pet scams that are sold a sick pet or that pay for a pet and don't get one at all. I have had several hundred cases of puppies being sold online, paid for with a health guarantee, flown or driven to the buyer, and within the first week the puppies have either died of parvo (40%+, most die in the first 2 days actually) or are in an animal hospital in the ICU clinging to life.

I've had bills for a week of in-patient treatment well over $10,000 depending on the breed, the extent of the disease, and what other parasites and illnesses the puppies have. I bet 90%+ of puppies that I deal with that have parvo also have giardia, coccidia, pneumonia, bronchitis, ear and eye infections with bacteria, fungus, and yeast, kennel cough, Lyme disease, I can go on and on.

People don't realize how big this online puppy scam really is, it effects well over 1,000 people a day in the U.S. alone.

to Anonymous San Jose, California, United States #1243125

Parvo support cost does not go off breed or type of dog. Omg.

You tell a lot of stories. Smh.

Keyboard warrior 100%

There is also no treatment for parvo.

Only support. And if a new fur parent did right by the new puppy, they'd be in for a check up, exam and vaccines in the first 48 hours of receiving the pup.

to Bellatrix Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, United States #1200663

Wow where in the world did you only pay $200 with a weeks stay at the vets? I bought a puppy that the breeder said had been sick, but was now fine.

She had giardia and gave it to both my other dogs and myself.

All on the mend but are at over $400 and one over night stay for one of the dogs. Also paying for special diets for all.

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