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I bought a dog got her on Feb 13 2013 come to find out the dog was a $1,000 more than what the breeder actually sales them for so I gave 2000 for a lab that was supposed to come from a breeder who has. Specialized in breeding labs for 30 years witch was no attachment all the she has a place called Mclin critter corral she has bulldogs not labs and when she took her 2 Debra Mayes the veterinarian she was to busy schedule that day to see the dog so she gave it 2 breeder 2 fill out herself in like to get in on the lawsuit but if u wanna know more contact me at 17408769169 ill fill up in on the whole story

Product or Service Mentioned: Purebred Breeders Dog.

Monetary Loss: $2039.

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Houma, Louisiana, United States #911255

I guess we are not the only ones who got scammed. My dog was diagnosed in July with diskospondylitis.

We love this dog and I am spending thousands on keeping her will. Her L6-L7 disk are fused together and she is on pain medication everyday. We are trying to give her the best quality of life we can.

She just made a year in November. I wish we could burn this breeder.

Wayne, New Jersey, United States #867579

I'm so upset to read this. I purchased two labs from her in June under the assumption that she was a lab breeder to only find out today that she is a bulldog breeder.

I can't believe this. What can we do?

to VSP #867584

I tried to have her shut down but I see that I wasted my time

I've to this day never have received any paper work on my lab from them the breasting company raises the price a thousand more it's a rip off

to VSP #972668

lol they breed labs ,bulldogs ,and Cocker spaniels. You do know people who are breeders can breed more then 1 breed of dogs right?

to Anonymous Wheelersburg, Ohio, United States #972670

Yeah when you told that's the only breed they have and you find out it a puppy mill so there smart ***

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