I contacted the breeder who muddled hello & I had to ask if I had the right number to purchase a shar pei. I asked for reasons to use her and she said it was my decision.

She kept demanding I use a wire transfer, telling me that's how she does business & no one else cares. She then agrees to a cashier check for the deposit. She won't take whole payment up front via cashiers check, her reason is she would have it all spent if something happened. Ultimately she changed the plan and wanted a wire transfer for the second part once she received the deposit.

When I wanted to send a check she cancelled the sale.

There is nothing online confirming the legitimacy of this company but do not wire transfer them money, it is the biggest way to scam you from it. The sad thing is my wife and kids were lead on by this individual.

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I have worked with Wags and Wrinkles and it was a flawless and kind exchange from the owner. She is wonderful and always helps us with questions and Sharpei needs after our puppy purchase.

We drove from Fl to Iowa to visit her home and see her Sharpei family...we were welcomed. We have the most amazing Sharpei because of a Neena and would buy from her many times again.


I purchased a Shar-pei from her and it was legitimate in every way.

No issues whatsoever.

Love my Pei!


Be careful with this breeder. We got a very unhealthy dog from her.

He has a lifelong condition that she doesn't stand behind.

She never invites potential buyers to her facility. Check with the state of Iowa on any facility reports before buying an expensive dog.

to Anonymous #1392630

You really are *** up. We have had around 6 pies in the past.

We researched several breeders before we purchased a VERY Loveable pei again. Wags & Wrinkles are a top notched breeder. We purchased other peis in the past and the last 2 pei's did not live past the age of 2.


The breeders before Wags & Wrinkles. I deeply feel that these peis were from a puppy mill.

Both died of shar-pei fever. I never even heard of this disease before.

Alot of tears were shead and did not want to go through this pain again. Needless to say we purchsed our little Izzy from wags and wrinkles and never experienced the love that our Izzy gives us daily. We then purchases another 2 Pei's from her. All our mini Pei's are the most loveable Pei's ever and I believe that they think that they are human.

Wags and wrinkles raises her Pei's to be so loveable and the reason is because this breeder raises her peies with alot of love. This love has to begin the day they were born.

We would have a house full of her Pei's if we could. God bless Wags & Wrinkles for giving us the most loveable Pei's ever.

to Anonymous #1403307

Best breeder I worked with during the nearly thirty years we have had these dogs.

Hanford, California, United States #1265559

What he didnt explain is that he got a full refund. I am the breeder and he was a demanding pushy fellow who I no longer wished to do business with.

Monrovia, California, United States #955202

Neena is awesome. If you don't want to wire the monies and don't trust the process, walk away.

Her policy is her policy and if you don't like it, move on. I can say that Neena is awesome, and our pet shar pei is nothing but a joy. We are awaiting the next litter to buy another one. If you are looking for shar pei, Wags n Wrinkles is the place to go!!

Xoxo. Ivanka, california


This buyer was a rude, demanding person who wanted to do everything his way and thought I should change my way of doing business to suit him. I finally gave in and let him send his deposit the way he preferred to do and it came late as I predicted by regular mail.

So I asked him when time came to do the rest of the payment, to send a bank wire as requested. He didnt want any part of it . He made it clear time after time he just didnt feel comfortable buying from an "unknown breeder". I was not comfortable with the fact he didnt have any faith in me as a breeder and figured there would be issue after issue to deal with in the future.

So I returned his deposit and told him I would not sell him the puppy. He then went to every social media site he could think of and tried to make me look like some sort of scammer. Didnt quite make sense to me. If I were a scammer , I would have taken the money however he wanted to send it and he would have got nothing in return.

Instead , I willingly sent all his money back to him. Even after he moved on to another breeder and informed me he bought elsewhere, he continued to complain all over the internet.

He was just angry because he couldnt run the show. I dont think too many have told him no and followed through.

Humble, Texas, United States #903142

i made a deposit on a puppy from this woman a few years ago. I was concerned after I saw pictures of the puppy following the eye tuck.

I showed the pictures to my vet and he advised me to back out of the purchase. (IMO) The vet that did the work obviously did not know what he was doing. After several conversations with the breeder I decided to cut my losses and lose the deposit. Look at her website!

Look at the large number of sires and dames that she has.

(IMO)Looks like a puppy mill to me! Do your research, there are a lot of good breeders out there.

to Anonymous #1006727

First of all , it is not called an eye tuck, it is called eye tacks. And I might say that all vets do not know enough about the shar pei breed to make that judgement.

Maybe your vet was one of them. You commented on the number of sires & dams I show on my site. Well, at least I am not like some who lie about the amount of dogs they have and never do show them. Do YOUR research.

I AM a good breeder! If you would rather buy from a backyard breeder with no license and no regulations to follow, then be my guest.

to Anonymous #1350271

You are such an ***. We have 3 girls by this breeder. GO *** YOURSELF

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #894124

As a breeder myself I will say it does sound strange. I always ask the people to come and see the dogs and then I take checks for deposit and anything afterwards must be paid up in check or cash.

If the dog is not paid for at pick up the balance must be in cash. I also do not fly dogs, I find it is dangerous and unethical.

I refund all except deposit if they change their mind.



to Kimberly Stevens Maltese Puppi Boston, Virginia, United States #901806

Kimberly, I am the breeder he is talking about. I don't have people here anymore into my home to see my dogs.

I am not a hobby breeder , I have a number of dogs. I also have an in house nursery where weened babies are kept until they leave. I am licensed by USDA and the state and do not allow people into my home for reasons of disease control. You could have people over to see puppies who have been out shopping other places for dogs and drag a potentially bad disease into your home or facility.

A good licensed breeder protects their puppies and if licensed has rules and regulations to follow.

And flying dogs is no more dangerous than driving them. It is certainly not unethical and is done by numerous breeders all over the country.

I did refund this fellas deposit immediately .

I also refused to take the entire amount upfront while the pup was young.

I only require the balance to be paid by the time the pup is 6 wks old prior to time to deliver or ship at 8 wks. So because this person couldn't tell me how I should do the money transactions and because I wouldn't take all his money up front or sell him a dog, I am a scammer???

to Kimberly Stevens Maltese Puppi #1006722

It is not a good idea to let people come to see the puppies. For purposes of disease control they could drag something into your home unknowingly on their shoes and clothes.

Especially if they have been to some backyard breeder's place looking at pups that may not have had any shots or wormings. If the puppies have not yet completed all their shots it is not a good idea. It is not unusual for a breeder to refuse people into their home. Also , if the breeder is LEGALLY LICENSED by USDA, they are required to keep all people out of their facilities where their dogs are kept.

So if they have an inhome nursery , like I do, you do not let people come in. It is to protect your puppies. Flying dogs is not unethical. What century are you living in???

I refund all always unless the buyer just changes their mind. If you as a breeder want to take a check, you are opening yourself for the possibility of getting burnt.

Noone with common sense would take a personal check.

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